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If you have a new article concerning biblical errancy (either for or against), or you would like to respond to a published article in a more formal format than the feedback area allows, please submit it * in a common format (.doc, .rtf, etc.) We will make every reasonable attempt to ensure that the formatting you intend is what is actually seen, but at the same time keeping a common look among all articles. If you know html, I'd really appreciate submissions with the appropriate tags already in place. That, however, is not necessary, but it will help to get it posted quicker. Articles that you submit should be your own original work.

If a submitted article is deemed off topic to biblical errancy and is therefore not published on The Skeptical Review, it may be published in our alternate section. Articles in this alternate section will not be linked to feedback forums, so if you want reader feedback remember to include your email address in the article itself. 



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